Rutland Personal Trainer

As you get older, it’s harder to maintain muscle tone. That’s because the body loses one percent of muscle mass each year if you don’t do exercises to help maintain it. A Rutland personal trainer can help you reverse the process and at the same time, help you gain flexibility, endurance and strength. Muscle loss occurs because of inactivity and a change in lifestyle. You don’t have to accept growing gracefully old, when a few changes to your lifestyle can slow the process.

A personal trainer identifies your level of fitness and designs a program specifically for you.

No one would expect a 70 year old who’s out of shape to do the same exercise routine as a fit 22 year old. A personal trainer certainly doesn’t. That’s why the trainer assesses your fitness level first, finding any weak muscle groups in the process. The trainer also asks about your special needs and goals. Only then do they design a program to help you become fitter. The program will be challenging, but still within your capabilities. As you improve your level of fitness, the personal trainer adjusts the program to reflect that improvement.

You’ll learn how to make changes in your eating habits.

What you eat does play a huge role in how you look and your health. Excess fat doesn’t look good on anyone, neither does malnutrition. The personal trainer doesn’t give you a diet, but shows you how to eat healthier. New studies show that many of the fruits and vegetables contain phytonutrients that are antioxidants and other nutrients that protect cells. Aging occurs when cells are damaged or die. Giving them all the protection possible is important to staying youthful in appearance and healthy.

Exercise extends the telomeres.

Telomeres are like the little plastic shoelace tips that keep the laces from fraying, except they protect the chromosomes. The longer the telomeres, the longer the cells live and reproduce, keeping you younger looking. New studies show that regular exercise lengthens telomeres. It also stimulates the brain to create antioxidants to protect the cells.

You’ll work toward a broader range of motion to help prevent injury. Exercise isn’t all for bulking up and building muscle. Some exercises increase flexibility that makes you move in a younger fashion and prevents muscle injury.

You’ll sleep better at night when you exercise. A good night’s sleep always makes people look more youthful and refreshed.

You’ll build energy and stamina to participate in other physical activities. In fact, exercise increases your sex drive, too.

Exercise is also good for the mind. Some studies show it helps prevent dementia and may even improve Alzheimer’s.

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