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If you’ve watched TV or spent your time in front of the computer too much, it’s time to prepare your body for the fun that awaits you. A Killington boot camp can get you into shape for all the adventures the area has to offer, from snow skiing to mountain biking. Of course, you don’t have to do those things, you could just sign up to get into shape, lose weight and feel more energetic. Personal trainers run boot camps and design programs specifically for each participant. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach at a boot camp. Even though the trainer may be using the same exercise for everyone, the intensity, form and number of repetitions will vary by fitness level.

Boot camps use exercises that require little or no equipment.

You’ll be doing calisthenics, body weight exercises and other forms that don’t use equipment. That means you’ll be able to do all the exercises at home after the boot camp ends. That makes boot camp quite a bargain. While everyone may be doing pushups, the more fit individuals may do fingertip pushups or a larger number of repetitions, while those whose only exercise was lifting a remote will do bent knee exercises. Each person works at his or her capacity, so each person has a challenging goal, but one that’s still within reach.

Personal trainers first identify your level of fitness.

Not only does the trainer identify how fit you are, but also checks for weak muscle groups. He or she then listens to your goals and finds out any special needs you may have, before creating a program for you. Even the fittest in the group will struggle with his or her goals, so everyone understands how difficult it can be.

Boot camps work you hard, but they can be fun and you see results quickly.

There’s a lot of comradery at a boot camp. Since everyone has a difficult goal and knows how hard it can be to achieve personal challenges, you’ll often hear words of encouragement cheering others on to success and applause when someone accomplishes their goals. Many people make lifelong friends at a boot camp or find a workout buddy for later when the camp ends. Sometimes, people have friendly competition, which also drives them to success. You’ll work harder than you would on your own, but you’ll also see success faster and success is a powerful motivator.

The personal trainer shows you the right way to do each exercise and watches to insure you do it correctly. Doing an exercise improperly can minimize the benefits and even cause injury.

You’ll see pounds start to drop away as you become fitter. The more muscle tissue you have, the faster you tend to lose weight, because muscle tissue requires more calories than fat tissue does.

You’ll have all the services of a personal trainer at a fraction of the cost of private sessions. Everyone in the group shares the cost of the trainer’s time, so it’s far less per capita.

As you improve your level of fitness, the trainer adjusts your program to reflect that improvement, so you’ll always be working at maximum capacity.

Carrie Anne

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I love working out with this great group and having Amy challenge us. When I started I never thought I would be surrounded by supportive people and a place where there is no judgment. My mind can’t set my limits now, I set my mind to new limits.



“I’ve been attending Amy’s classes for 9 months. Although I haven’t changed my diet, I am visibly and physically more fit. I appreciate how endlessly patient, encouraging, and non-judgmental Amy is with each attendee, offering frequent positive reinforcement. She is willing and able to accommodate any of us who present an issue, allowing an effective work out without negative impact to the rest of the group. She has a huge repertoire of challenging exercises so that her classes never feel ‘routine’.”


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“Since attending Amy’s Fusion Fitness Full Body Conditioning and Core Conditioning Classes this past winter, I’ve noticed such an improvement from strengthening my core muscles. These muscles stabilize the entire spine & torso improving my athletic performance (skiing) and reducing any back pain that I used to have. Attending Amy’s classes has given me more energy and all round well-being; I see great results in my flexibility, posture & strength while increasing my mind/body awareness. ”

Patti’s dedication, commitment and willingness to follow her personalized program allowed her to place FIRST in her age group in the Biggest Loser’s 5K Race in Killington, VT. This was Patti’s very first time in a race.


“Amy’s workouts are fantastic! Putting in a workout with her, you can feel good knowing you have worked your entire body. My favorite thing about Amy is her ability to challenge you while encouraging you to listen to your body so you can make modifications as needed. So much so in fact, I continued to work with Amy through my pregnancy last summer. I could always depend on her to provide me with a great workout while also meeting my needs as they developed through each trimester. Whether you are new to exercising or an old pro, Amy will always take the time to make sure you get what you need from the class.”


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“Amy’s full body conditioning class is great. She keeps it varied from week to week, utilizing a variety of accessories (ropes, extensions, bands, weights, mats, etc.) and musical tastes – keeping it fun! Yes, I actually look forward to it…because I can be sure I’m going to get a full workout for each part of me (abs, core, legs, upper body) and the attention to accuracy – as if she were my own personal trainer. I have been taking the class for several months now and Amy is not only reliable, but welcoming to new participants, genuinely nice and pleasant – which is hard to do either first thing in the morning, or after a full day. I am over 50, an avid skier, a breast cancer survivor and started a full-time job, when I joined the class. I have noticed an increase in my stamina & energy since the beginning – both in my endurance at work and my stronger skiing. Amy has been supportive of me as a newer participant these past few months, as if I’d been going to the class for years! Thank you Amy.”

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