Food Journaling and Exercise Logs, Why Bother?

Food journaling and exercise logs…why do trainers and health coaches insist on tracking meals and workouts?  Is it really necessary?

My most successful clients are those that track their habits diligently.  They find that tracking meals and workouts keeps them “honest” and gives a clear view of daily habits.  What does this mean?food journaling

When we track our meals, and become accountable for what we put into our bodies, we’re much more likely to be thoughtful about what we are eating.  Many of my clients don’t want to write down that they just ate a whole pack of oreos, or a McDonald’s burger and fries with a milk shake.  (however if that’s what you ate…into the food journal it goes).

Try our 48 Hour Green Smoothie Challenge, and try your hand at food journaling for just 48 hours!

As human beings, we enjoy recognition.  When we are accountable for our actions, we gain recognition from those around us.  Healthcare practitioners want to help folks achieve their health and fitness goals.  We congratulate and give accolades for baby steps.  We are truly proud of your accomplishments, and you know it.

Food Journaling and Exercise Tracking Required

food journalingAs a nutrition coach and personal trainer, I require food and exercise journaling so I can best help my clients toward their goals.  When clients are diligent with tracking no matter what they eat or drink, it’s easy to see where we can make changes.  Without a record of what clients are up to, both clients and practitioners have little to go on.

Many of us are resistant to doing the things that will bring us success.

Do these quotes sound familiar?

  • “Do I have to track every morsel that goes in my mouth?”
  • “I can remember what I ate.”
  • “I shouldn’t have to write it down to be successful.”

“Planning and tracking is key to success in all areas of life”key to success

Think back to all you’ve accomplished.  Go ahead and take 10 minutes to brainstorm all of the things you’ve done in your life.  We all have things to be proud of.  Now, take a peek at those accomplishments, did they “just happen”?  Or was planning involved?  How did you know you were moving toward your goal?  Tracking progress, eh?

Health and fitness goals are no different.  Successful people know that clear planning and goal setting, along with tracking progress is the only way to achieve success and to know where they are on their journey.

There are many ways to keep track of your nutrition and fitness…

  • Choose a paper tracker, this could be as simple as notebook paper, or perhaps you’re involved with a program that offers Daily Trackers according to your plan.
  • Choose one of the many available *free* apps, like MyFitnessPal, or SparkPeople
  • Use a combination of the two.

Keep your tracking method with you at all times, this way you’ll never have to “remember” what you ate later.  We lead super busy lives, making our it difficult to achieve accurate memories of our meals and planning.  Getting into the habit of logging your nutrition and exercise, creates a habit of fitness you can maintain.

Find Out How This Client Stays on Top of Food Journaling and Tracking Exercise

One client keeps her folder in her kitchen.  When she prepares her meals, she writes them down.  She finds she is not tempted to have seconds because her portions are already on her tracker.

Planning ahead avoids blunders later.  Now when you’re starving, you already know what you are going to eat, no need to think on a hungry brain.

Finally, when folks use food journaling and exercise tracking, practitioners can best help clients get the results they are looking for.  How?  We can see exactly what is working and what is not working.  As a matter of fact, clients often look back at their food journaling and exercise tracking and are able to notice successes and challenges.

Accountability based nutrition and fitness programs ensure successexercise log

Start on the road to success today, go ahead and begin with food journaling and exercise tracking.  No judgement, no self deprecation, just witnessing your habits so you can get a handle on the necessary change.

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I love to hear from you…what successes or challenges are you experiencing on your weight loss and fitness journey? Go ahead, share in the comments below.  Looking forward to hearing from you!

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    Great article, failing to keep a journal or track your results is one of the main reasons many diets fail. People can believe in their head they are eating healthy forgetting the extra bag of chips or chocolate bar they consume before each healthy meal. When you write things down the evidence is right there in front of you and much harder to ignore. Well written thanks!

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