Summer Weight Loss

summer weight loss planIt’s summer time and I’ve been hearing a lot of folks talk about the difficulty of getting workouts in and sticking to meal plans.  I’ve heard a desire for healthy summer living combined socializing that often revolves around food and irregular schedules.  So what is the secret to achieving summer weight loss goals?

Clarity surrounding what you want and why, along with an action plan are key.  Yes, planning meals and workouts is something you’ll want to do…forever.  Many of you have heard the saying, “Failing to plan is planning to fail.”  This is especially true when working toward weight loss goals in the summer.

Plan for Summer Weight Loss Success

Examine your week, and find pockets of time.  Ideally you’ll want to fit in a minimum of three, 30 -45 minute, intense workouts.  Do you do those in the studio?  Fit in a circuit on your hike with your kids?  Go for a bike ride and stop for interval training?  Hop on your SUP and throw in some burpees, squats and push ups?  What are you moved to do? Try a variety of activities until you find something(s) you enjoy.

You’ll want to move on a daily basis, walk whenever you can, park far from the store, take the stairs, and be sure to get up every hour if you sit a lot throughout the day.

Get those workouts in the books and keep those appointments with #1 (that’s you).

I have great faith in all of your abilities to get this thing done.  This is your body, your life, and only you can commit to getting and staying healthy.  It’s not a prison sentence, it’s healthy living.

fruits and veg aide summer weight lossSummer Weight Loss Meal Planning

You’ll ideally want to plan a week’s worth of meals at a time.  If this seems daunting, start with one day. This will help you discover where you’re successful, and what you need to tweak going forward.

Include plenty of fresh fruits and veggies throughout your day.  These are a great source of fiber, will satisfy  your sweet tooth, and provide you with some of the water your body needs.  Be sure you are eating enough.  Many of us get so busy and active during summer that we “forget” to eat.  Don’t fall victim to this sure way to hold onto fat.  Be sure to eat every 2-3 hours to keep your metabolic fires burning hot.

Remember, you get to treat yourself once a week with a “cheat” meal. Take a peek at that calendar and plan that cheat meal when you know water and summer weight lossyou’ll be at a party or gathering where  you want to eat dessert or have a drink.  It’s the daily habits, what you do day in and day out, that make the difference.

Summer Weight Loss and Water

It’s imperative that you take in plenty of water, especially during the warmer months when we are sweating more on a regular basis.  Always carry a water bottle with you, drink and refill it often.  I start my day with 16 ounces of water with fresh lemon squeezed in.  Great way to rehydrate after being asleep all night.  Always plan ahead, and be sure to have potable water available for your consumption.

Plan, Plan, Plan

The key to this summer weight loss thing is your plan.  Take the time to write your goals down, get those workouts into your appointment book, plan your meals and shopping lists, and voila, you’re on your way to reaching those weight loss goals.

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