Weight Loss and Fitness Goals, Mind over Matter

Weight loss and fitness goals can be daunting.  With so much information out there, you can get easily confused and throw in the towel.  So what’s the key to weight loss and fitness success?  Your mindset.  Yup, you’ve got all the tools you need right inside your mind.

Hold on before you say, “Yeah right” and give me that sideways glance.  Take a moment to think about your accomplishments in life.  I know you’ve experienced success before.  The most rewarding accomplishments are often the most challenging.  What did it take to stick with it when the going got tough?  Take the time to really think about this one, reach deep down and go back to the struggles and challenges you faced to work toward and achieve your goal.

Weight Loss and Mindset weight loss and mindset

Why all the focus on the mind and thought patterns when it comes to weight loss and fitness goals?  Your self talk is what gets you going each day.  What does your self talk sound like?  Do you beat yourself up for the things you haven’t done?  Berate yourself for slow progress, or not being where you think you should be?  Do you take the time to celebrate the steps you are taking toward your goals?  This is key, and it takes time to change that self talk.  Baby steps.

Simple steps to change your mindset and get on the road to your weight loss and fitness goals.

  1. Notice your thoughts.  Let your thoughts come and go, notice them without judgement.  This is not easy to do, and, like anything else, it gets easier with practice.  In the studio I instruct clients to imagine their minds as a wicker basket, their thoughts are water.  The water flows into the basket and out.  When a self deprecating thought pops in, let it flow out like water.  The more we notice thoughts without judgement, the easier it becomes to let go of them.
  2. Yes. You. Can. The mind is a tricky place, and wants to keep you safe without risk.  Change is an unknown risk, and that includes getting fit.  It will take time to improve the way you talk to yourself.  It will take time to believe in yourself (if you are not already there).  Before you get to this knowing, and believing, it’s important to remind yourself that you can do this.  When those voices in your mind tell you, no you can’t, stand up to them with a great big, YES. I. CAN.
  3. Find a Support System.  We are social beings who thrive on support and encouragement.  Even if you are an introvert (recharge by being alone), you’ll find value in working out with a group.  The clients that stay with me the longest, and most often reach their goals, are those that join our group fitness and coaching programs.  We’ve got a fabulous group of folks here at the studio who all support one another as we work toward our individual goals.  Contact us today to see if our studio is a fit for you.

Take baby steps and be gentle with yourself.  Change takes time and you will do great. Take it one step at a time, and before you know it you’ll reach those weight loss and fitness goals.

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