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  • Are you worried that pain and discomfort, or weight gain, are preventing you from living the lifestyle you want to have?
  • Have you tried numerous programs in the past, but always seem stuck with yo-yo dieting and failure?
  • Does it seem like you’re out of ideas when it comes to weight loss, fitness and health?


IMG_9916My name is Amy Lewis, and I’m the owner of Fusion Fitness, a group fitness studio in Killington, Vermont. Long before I became a personal trainer though, I struggled with my own health and fitness.

I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease when I was 12 years old, which means that obtaining the proper nutrition has always been a challenge for me. Between medications, frequent trips to the ER, and multiple surgeries, things were bleak for me, and I had enough. Even worse, once I got married I was told that I would never be able to have children or support a pregnancy with my condition.

However, after getting started with proper fitness and exercise, I began a miraculous transformation.

I learned that eating in the correct manner to help achieve my fitness goals actually helped to alleviate my Crohn’s. Eventually, I was able to heal my body so thoroughly that I had no evidence of the disease, beyond the scars left over from so many surgical procedures.

Two beautiful children and two decades of training later, and I’m ready to help you achieve all of your health, fitness and weight loss goals, too. After I transformed my own life, I knew I had to help other people do the same.

I know firsthand the challenges of health and fitness, of getting real results, of fitting exercise into a busy lifestyle, and even achieving what had seemed impossible.

That’s why I love helping people navigate their own goals and journeys, creating a healthy lifestyle they can truly maintain and enjoy, living life to the fullest, and looking and feeling at their best.

When you get started with Fusion Fitness, you’ll experience a comprehensive and unique weight loss and fitness program which will truly help you succeed once and for all.



“I’ve been attending Amy’s classes for 9 months. Although I haven’t changed my diet, I am visibly and physically more fit. I appreciate how endlessly patient, encouraging, and non-judgmental Amy is with each attendee, offering frequent positive reinforcement. She is willing and able to accommodate any of us who present an issue, allowing an effective work out without negative impact to the rest of the group. She has a huge repertoire of challenging exercises so that her classes never feel ‘routine’.”


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“Since attending Amy’s Fusion Fitness Full Body Conditioning and Core Conditioning Classes this past winter, I’ve noticed such an improvement from strengthening my core muscles. These muscles stabilize the entire spine & torso improving my athletic performance (skiing) and reducing any back pain that I used to have. Attending Amy’s classes has given me more energy and all round well-being; I see great results in my flexibility, posture & strength while increasing my mind/body awareness. ”

Patti’s dedication, commitment and willingness to follow her personalized program allowed her to place FIRST in her age group in the Biggest Loser’s 5K Race in Killington, VT. This was Patti’s very first time in a race.


“Amy’s workouts are fantastic! Putting in a workout with her, you can feel good knowing you have worked your entire body. My favorite thing about Amy is her ability to challenge you while encouraging you to listen to your body so you can make modifications as needed. So much so in fact, I continued to work with Amy through my pregnancy last summer. I could always depend on her to provide me with a great workout while also meeting my needs as they developed through each trimester. Whether you are new to exercising or an old pro, Amy will always take the time to make sure you get what you need from the class.”


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“Amy’s full body conditioning class is great. She keeps it varied from week to week, utilizing a variety of accessories (ropes, extensions, bands, weights, mats, etc.) and musical tastes – keeping it fun! Yes, I actually look forward to it…because I can be sure I’m going to get a full workout for each part of me (abs, core, legs, upper body) and the attention to accuracy – as if she were my own personal trainer. I have been taking the class for several months now and Amy is not only reliable, but welcoming to new participants, genuinely nice and pleasant – which is hard to do either first thing in the morning, or after a full day. I am over 50, an avid skier, a breast cancer survivor and started a full-time job, when I joined the class. I have noticed an increase in my stamina & energy since the beginning – both in my endurance at work and my stronger skiing. Amy has been supportive of me as a newer participant these past few months, as if I’d been going to the class for years! Thank you Amy.”

  • Improve all-around health, fitness and wellness, and finally achieve real weight loss results
  • Enjoy all of your favorite activities pain-free, from hiking and biking to skiing or kayaking, and more
  • Improve your self-confidence, fit into those old clothes, & feel attractive for your spouse

We Fuse All Areas of Your Health & Fitness Into One Simple & Successful Solution!

The Unique Fusion Fitness Approach

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  • Comprehensive program addresses all parts of your health, fitness & wellness – with exercise, nutrition, and mindset
  • TRX/Full Body Conditioning Classes
  • 30, 60 & 90 minute sessions
  • Client focus with individualized programs and goals
  • Increase stamina, strength, stability, mobility & endurance
  • Succeed with weight loss & learn how to really keep off the pounds
  • Functional training for your favorite activities – enjoy your active lifestyle again
  • Decrease pain, chronic ailments & discomfort
  • Scientifically proven workouts & strategies
  • Customized nutritional coaching with plans & advice
  • Body diagnostic consultations & ongoing testing, assessments and measurements
  • Best of both worlds – the quality of personal training in a group fitness setting
  • Convenient scheduling all week long
  • All age, experience & fitness levels are welcome
  • 30 day money back guarantee!

Fusion Fitness Killington Personal Training

  • Total health and fitness approach with exercise, nutrition & mindset
  • One-on-one attention & support, customized programs
  • Healthy lifestyle strategies, nutrition & tips
  • Functional training which decreases pain & discomfort

Other Fitness Programs and Trainers

  • Programs only focus on one part of your health and wellness and ignore the rest
  • No personalized goals, one-size-fits-all training
  • Restrictive diets you can’t maintain
  • Heavy weight training which causes more pain than it stops


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Getting started with a new fitness or weight loss program may seem daunting. Especially when you’ve tried so many other programs in the past without success.

That’s why we offer an exclusive 30 day money back guarantee for all of our new clients. Now, there’s absolutely no risk or obligation to get started.

Sign up today and give us a try, and we know that you’ll be happy with how you look and feel, the progress you begin seeing, and the unique, personalized approach of Fusion Fitness. If not, you’ll get your money back, no strings attached and no questions asked. It’s that easy!


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Do you miss the active lifestyle you used to enjoy so much? Does it feel like life is passing you by, and you’re on the sidelines? It’s not too late to turn things around, and look and feel at your best!

With Fusion Fitness, you can and will achieve all of your health, fitness and weight loss goals. We’ll create the customized program you need, based upon your own desires and your own body, which is guaranteed to produce the results you’ve been craving for so long.

Sign up for Fusion Fitness, and come on down to check us out today. We’ll see you at the next class, and together we’ll embark on your own personal journey towards amazing fitness success.

Amy Lewis
Fusion Fitness by Amy Lewis

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